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Focusing on the field of organic skin care, adhering to the original intention of "advanced technology and environmental protection technology"


Brand Initiative

organique瓯咖妮专注有机护肤领域多年,无论是植物精油,或是天然植物,秉承着“先进科技、环保工艺”的初心, 匠心打造质量上乘、品类多,集美容护发养生于一体的品牌。我们可以看到瓯咖妮商标意味看要互相支撑存在,水和空气是生命的基本要素, 这也正是我们要保护和爱护地球的重要性,地球是自然,生命和精神的源泉。

Organique ougani has been focusing on the field of organic skin care for many years. Whether it is plant essential oil or natural plants, adhering to the original intention of "advanced technology and environmental protection technology", it has creatively created a brand with high quality, many categories and integrating beauty care, hair care and health preservation. We can see that the okani trademark means to support each other. Water and air are the basic elements of life, which is the importance of protecting and caring for the earth, which is the source of nature, life and spirit.

The earth is the source of nature, life and spirit.

Brand Introduction

瓯咖妮Organique,每一片椰子,每一株植物,每一种养肤原料,都来自地球的恩赐,只接受自然的珍贵洗礼,秉持泰国原始的培植手法, 没有污染,没有杀虫剂、农药、肥料残留,没有留任何附加动作。在瓯咖妮Organique,每一种成份,每一滴精华,每一瓶养肤产品,均采集于伟大的大自然, 富含活机草本精粹,没有添加人工香料,色素,不含任何石化有害成分。

瓯咖妮Organique的产品是各个年龄阶段的人群都能够使用的,也适合各类肤质,特别是敏感肌的妹子,瓯咖妮Organique简直就是敏感肌妹子的福音。 瓯咖妮Organiqu是修复肌肤损伤的护肤品,主要是以补水为主要结果。

Oukani organique, every piece of coconut, plant and skin care raw material, is a gift from the earth, only accepts the precious baptism of nature, adheres to the original cultivation methods of Thailand, and has no pollution, no pesticide, pesticide and fertilizer residues, and no additional actions. In ouganique, every ingredient, every drop of essence and every bottle of skin care products are collected from the great nature. They are rich in the essence of living herbs, without adding artificial spices and pigments, and do not contain any petrochemical harmful ingredients.

Ouganique products can be used by people of all ages, and are also suitable for all kinds of skin types, especially sensitive muscle girls. Ouganique is the gospel of sensitive muscle girls. Ougani organiqu is a skin care product for repairing skin damage, which mainly results from moisturizing.

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